Accepting Limited Participants for 2014

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Vacation Management Services, an Independent Points Management Program, offers reliable and professional management services for owners of unused timeshare weeks and points. Our proven program offers families an opportunity to experience affordable vacations and for our program participants to receive money in return for their unused vacation time.


Getting Started

How It Works

Complete the online Enrollment Form or Call us 1-888-816-5214. Pay nothing to participate.

A VMS Professional will contact you within 24 hours after receiving the Enrollment Form to review and discuss the details of the program. Authorize as few or as many points from your account as you wish.

Participants authorize account access by VMS Travel Professionals to make reservations utilizing authorized points. Make changes to the number of authorized points in the program at any time.

VMS Travel Professionals utilize points to make travel reservations. Review reservation activity at any time by accessing your online account.

VMS issues Participant payment for the reservation basedon the the point equivalent graph below. Majority of reservations paid 30 days before guest check-in, while VMS provides all related guest reservation services.

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About Us

The Vacation Management Services Management Team has years of experience in marketing and selling vacation rentals in the US, Mexico and the Caribbean. We have a demonstrated track record in yielding healthy financial returns for timeshare point and week owners through effective marketing and advertising strategies. We have spent years evaluating seasonal vacation trends, identifying the best online advertising sources and developing competitive pricing strategies.

Most of all we share a passion for traveling and for providing quality affordable vacations for our renters. We have visited many of the affiliated resorts with our own families, providing us with a first-hand account of the terrific value that many of the timeshare resorts provide. Our renters are secured from credible sources, repeat business and trusted advertising associations.

Your voluntary participation in the program allows us to continue in our mission of providing quality affordable vacations and gives you the chance to earn money for otherwise expiring points. Don't just take our word for it. Enroll unused points today at no cost and absolutely no risk to you and let us show you how well the program works.


Want to learn more about us? Visit the VMS blog by clicking the button at the left. You'll get some insight as to how we run our business and why we do what we do.

Results Driven Performance

Our travel agency managed an average of one thousand inquiries per month in 2013. The points management program, Vacation Management Services utilized on average, 2 million Wyndham and 100,000 Diamond points per month in 2013.

We expect these numbers to double in 2014, resulting in over 1/2 million dollars in rental revenue paid out to our participants. Join us, and see how our Customer Service approach results in both repeat customers and repeat rental checks!

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