2017 Timeshare Points Wanted.

Now accepting Wyndham, Worldmark, and Marriott Vacation Club Points.



Frequently Asked Questions

How does VMS market and advertise vacation rentals using vacation club points?

Tripbound, our lively affiliate travel agency, attracts thousands of guests each year through a combination of strategies including social media, print, email, and local advertising in our home base of Williamsburg, Virginia. Traveling families are able to save on spacious, suite-style accommodations offered by Wyndham, WorldMark by Wyndham, Marriott Vacation Club, and Diamond, so they can spend more time making memories that last a lifetime. These travelers have become loyal followers of the Tripbound agency, and the word continues to spread!

When do VMS participants receive payment?

All rental payments are sent out on the day of guest check out.

We also offer a speedy and efficient direct deposit option which saves mail time and additional trips to the bank.

Is there a minimum number of points which must be authorized?

There is no minimum number to participate and we do field and complete many shorter 2-4 night stays for traveling guests.

Who pays for insurance, upgrade and other reservation fees if required?

Our travel agency Tripbound pays for all related costs associated with upgrade, guest and insurance fees.

Reservation transaction fees required on non-VIP Wyndham accounts are deducted from the owner payout.

What happens to available upgrades if they exist?

Our travel agency Tripbound will utilize available upgrades as needed to secure rentals on participant accounts. If you wish to preserve any of the available upgrades for personal travel it is important that you make these arrangements at the time of enrollment with a Vacation Management Services (VMS) Professional.

Are participants guaranteed to receive rentals and payment for all of their authorized points?

Tripbound and Vacation Management Services work very closely to monitor point levels and travel trends in an effort to have every last enrolled point rented for our participants.

Authorizing early in the year increases our odds of success tremendously for our individual participants. So much so, that powerful rental guarantees are offered during these early enrollment periods.

How do you handle Housekeeping Credits for WorldMark owners?

Owner will be reimbursed for available Housekeeping Credits which are applied to VMS reservations at a rate of $65 per credit. VMS will pay for any additional credits which are needed to complete reservations directly to Worldmark when making the reservation online – and when there are none available in the owner’s account.

What if participants want to use all or some of their annual points to travel?

Participants may make changes to the number of points authorized at any time – up until the time that points are used to make a reservation. Cancellations or changes to reservations made by VMS are not permitted – as this will have adverse effect on our travelers. Such actions by the Participant will result in forfeiture of future participation in the program.

Who is responsible if a guest of Vacation Management Services causes damage during their stay?

In the unlikely event that damage is caused as a result of a Tripbound renter negligence, Vacation Management Services shall be responsible.

How is account activity communicated and recorded?

Each rental check sent by Vacation Management Services will include a corresponding guest confirmation information. Monthly activity reports are emailed by Vacation Management Services as well.

What is required to participate?

In order to participate, participants must fill out a quick enrollment form which includes basic contact information, the number of points authorized toVacation Management Services for the current year, and an agreement to terms and conditions.

What is required from the Vacation Management Services participant as part of the program?

Absolutely nothing.  From here we are able to manage all aspects of the reservation process so you don’t have to do a thing in addition to managing all rental activity on your account in real time. Our team of knowledgeable travel agents will search availability for travelers, secure reservations, and provide all other guest assistance as needed.