How Marriott Vacation Club Points Work

The Soundings Seaside Resort

The rumors are true — we’re accepting Marriott Vacation Club points now! With this exciting new update, it’s important to understand how these points work.

Marriott Vacation Club resort stays are assigned a Vacation Club Points value based on accommodation size, length of stay, location and season. Owners in the Marriott Vacation Club Destinations program can choose from any location and any size villa, check in on any day they wish and stay as long as they want — or use Vacation Club Points to experience other types of vacations such as cruises, tours, exchanges, hotel stays and travel services.

With Marriott Vacation Club points, you receive a new allotment every year. Each year you will get to choose from an ever-growing collection of exciting timeshare vacations — currently more than 5,000 unique options and experiences. 

You can also bank or borrow your points for more flexibility. As a timeshare owner in the Marriott Vacation Club Destinations program, if your vacation plans call for more Vacation Club Points than your annual allotment, you can enjoy the flexibility to borrow from the following year’s balance to be used toward this year’s vacation.

Finally, it’s important to understand that if you can’t fill a reservation within 60 days of a check-in, your points go into a holding account. That means those points can only be used within 60 days of check-in at a resort.

Have any other questions about Marriott Vacation Club points? No problem — that’s why we’re here! Contact our friendly VMS staff today to learn more about Marriott Vacation Club points. Call us at 1.855.201.8991 today!

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