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Vacation Management Services is an Independent Points Management Program and is not affiliated with any third party timeshare company (including but not limited to Wyndham and Marriott). Any use of third party names or trademarks is for reference purposes only and in no way is intended to suggest that VMS has any business association or relationship with any third party timeshare company. VMS hereby disclaims any sponsorship, affiliation or endorsement of or by any such third party timeshare company. Accordingly, VMS makes no representations or warranties as to whether participant’s use of VMS services complies with the policies of and agreement(s) between participant and his/her timeshare company. Each participant of VMS is responsible for ensuring that his/her use of VMS services does not violate any existing agreement(s) with his/her timeshare company.

Participants hereby authorize Vacation Management Services to utilize points from their respective online membership account to make guest reservations.

Participation Term:

Elective participation shall be renewed automatically each calendar year unless participant notifies Vacation Management Services either verbally or in writing of their desire to terminate services.

Payment for completed reservations using authorized point accounts will be mailed by VMS as follows:

Wyndham Reservations: Immediately following guest check out.

Wyndham reservations are paid at a 60% year end profit share for Gold, Platinum, and Presidential membership levels. Throughout the year owners receive a flat $4.50/1000 points rented per reservation. At year end the remaining 60% due is evenly distributed among all owners in each membership level based on the number of points rented.

Silver level owners are paid a flat $4 per 1000 points and Club Plus owners a flat $3 per 1000 points on all rentals.

Marriott Reservations: Immediately following guest check out.

Marriott Reservations are paid at a rate of .60 per point used for the reservation.

1099- Misc Tax:

You will receive a 1099-MISC tax form from Vacation Management Services if your rental income totals more than $599.00 for the year. A tax ID is required by VMS for this purpose. If participant has not already provided this information VMS will contact them when the first rental payment is due. 


Vacation Management Services assumes responsibility for unit damage due to renter negligence for reservations made by VMS.

It is the responsibility of Participants to bank, use, or otherwise manage any unused points in order to avoid loss or penalty.

Point Authorization:

Participants may make changes to the number of points authorized at any time – up until the time that points are used to make a reservation. Cancellations or changes to reservations made by VMS are not permitted – as this will have adverse effect on our travelers. Such actions by the Participant will result in forfeiture of future participation in the program.

Participants have access to their rental activity report by registering on vacationmanagementservices.com/owners.


Wyndham points may be utilized to ”pre-block” high demand rental weeks based on seasonal trends with the expectation of renting them in the future. These reservations will be paid for by VMS once a renter is secured in accordance with the payment terms above or cancelled to avoid penalty. Vacation Management Services shall be responsible for monitoring and following all cancellation protocol for these pre-blocked weeks to avoid penalties if the weeks are not rented. VMS shall be responsible for paying the participant in the event that points are lost due to failure to comply with cancellation protocol.

Account Access & Updates:

VMS may use any available upgrades, housekeeping points, guest certificates and reservations accessible on the managed account unless otherwise agreed and specified by the participant.

Password access must be supplied and remain up to date in order for VMS to supply management services. Participant must agree to ensure password access to VMS so long as there are future reservations scheduled. This allows VMS to make changes to the reservation as needed up until check in date. Failure to do may result in forfeiture of future rental checks and other remedies as may be necessary.

In order to participate in the VMS rental program, participants agree that VMS will be the sole rental entity working within the owner’s account. This prevents confusion over booked reservations, and potential for lost reservations typical of co-managed accounts. Additionally, owners agree to keep their accounts in good standing with their respective ownership. If an owner’s account defaults or becomes delinquent the owner may be responsible for replacing any lost reservations. VMS reserves the right to terminate an owner’s participation if this agreement is breached.

VMS reserves the right to make updates to these terms and conditions as may be necessary and upon notification to participant via USPS.

A Vacation Management Services professional will contact you upon receipt of this participation agreement to review the important details of the program, answer any questions and determine the number of points you wish to authorize for reservations. You may also contact us directly at 1-888-816-5214 or by email to info@vacationmanagementservices.com

We thank you for your participation.

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