Selling Your Timeshare Points? Let Us Offer an Alternative

VMS will help with your timeshare points

Thinking about selling? First, do the research.

Many of our Vacation Management Services program participants toy with the idea of selling their timeshare points. Many have come to a point in their lives where they just aren’t traveling as before, and selling sounds like a good option.

I beg to differ. Now this blog is opinion based, and having spent the last five years or so in the rental and resale area of timeshare, I have some strong thoughts on the subject. With some research of your own, I suspect you will understand why: A simple Google search will bring any number of pages from the FTC warning consumers who are selling their timeshares to protect themselves against sales scams.

Selling your timeshare points is a long and difficult journey. It can be confusing for even the most experienced owners, and despite best efforts, the points may never sell.  (Blame a market overwhelmed with timeshares of all shapes and sizes, and folks who will take less than a dollar to get it off their hands.) To make matters more challenging, owners who are urgently trying to sell their points can easily fall victim to unsavory sales agents and advanced pay scams. Even with honest efforts, owners are almost guaranteed to lose money, and a significant amount at that.

Despite my best research I can not find any data on how long, on average, to sell a timeshare. Nobody seems to know. I suspect that if the industry was to put that number out, nobody would sell.

Now look at Vacation Management Services.

We understand that many point owners who have stopped traveling can feel trapped by their timeshare. We can help.

Our program is the alternative that timeshare point owners have been looking for: we rent their unused points, pay them prior to guest check-in, and help owners get back the feeling of value that they once had with their timeshare purchase. They avoid the dreaded, and all too common story of another timeshare sales scam. Instead, they create a new story: they keep their hard earned money, they make money to help pay their annual maintenance fees, and they keep their timeshare points. They also keep the option use their points, for friends, for family, for themselves.

High demand for the beautiful Wyndham and Diamond resorts means high demand for rentals.  Our affiliate travel agency, and marketing and advertising efforts position us as leaders in the vacation rental marketplace. Simply, points get rented and participants get paid. They can do this year after year, counting on Vacation Management Services as a trusted resource.

Can we help you with your unused Wyndham or Diamond timeshare points? Call us today to find out.

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